Drones Taking Flight Online Courses

Ready to learn the basics, dig in deep into Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, or become a certified drone pilot? We have a course for you!


Want to learn the basics of drones, well you’ve come to the right place. Our beginner class requires no previous knowledge of drones. In our beginner class, you will learn what drones are, the history of drones, how they fly and how they are being used to solve everyday world problems. Having a drone is not required but if you have one it will make it all the more fun.


Get ready to dig deep into sUAS or Small Unmanned Aerial Systems.  Explore everything you need to fly.  From understanding the systems that make your flight possible to understanding the rules of the sky and how to read the weather.  We’ll get into everything you need for a safe flight every time.  A drone is required for this course but you love drones so having one should be on your to-do list anyway. 

Are you thinking about taking the leap and becoming a certified drone pilot? Let us walk you through the steps of what you need to know to turn your hobby into a budding career including how to develop your own drone business plan to get your new company off the ground. 

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