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About Us

Teaching girls avionics, aerodynamics and aviation

In Drones Taking Flight, girls will learn about avionics, aerodynamics and aviation.  They will be exposed to careers they can fall in love with through drones. Our goal is to provide parents who are seeking to give their children exposure to STEM opportunities access to concepts that will shape important college decisions and expand their view of future career paths in adulthood.

Our mission

helping black girls fall in love with STEM through drones opening the door to future careers in the drone industry

About Our Founder

Roxane Romulus was introduced to the world of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) otherwise known as drones by an aviator with 25 years of experience in the aviation industry. He agreed to take her under his wing and mentor her. Over the course of a year, she learned everything she could about the drone industry.

She later Co-Founded DreamView Drone Productions, a local Atlanta based drone company and took on the role of Teaching Assistant for the FAA Part 107 certification class. Being a part of these classes was the moment she realized how many opportunities there are for women of color in this space. This pushed her to become an FAA certified drone pilot herself and as a parent of two young girls, she saw the need to prepare the next generation for future drone careers.

She founded Black Girl Drone World, an online education company, to train young women of color about this emerging technology with the goal of introducing students to the world of drones through STEM. Through Black Girl Drone World, she shares her passion for drones and serves as a role model for young women who want to take flight in the drone industry.

our vision

To create a pipeline of women of color to fill the growing need for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified drone pilots.